Sun-Mon: Closed
Tues.-Sat.: 9am-2pm
40 Union St.
Brunswick, ME

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Union Street Bakery

Article About Union Street Bakery

by Chris Chase

A good way to describe the Union Street Bakery is the kind of place that would fit right into Hollywood’s imagining of the perfect town. The walls are decorated with local art and some homey touches. A giant vintage fridge sits in the back, looking like something straight out of Pleasantville. Full Article

Article About Union Street Bakery

by Sarah Laurence

it's such a perfect match for my neighborhood that it feels like it has always been here. The owner, Sandra Holland, has many years of experience as a caterer, baker and business woman. She also has an Associates Degree from RISD in Culinary Arts with a focus on pastry. Full Article

Article About Union Street Bakery

by 'The Other Side of Town'

A changing selection of cookies, bars and pastries to go with the cakes and pies made to order. I decided to forgo them that day, but while I was writing this up decided I had an obligation to go purchase something sweet and eat it immediately. Full Article